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New LA is a 1-to-1 environment using Chromebooks. Every classroom has a Chromebook for every student. Each student has a New LA email account as well as a file creation and storage system that can be accessed anywhere there’s Internet – home, school, library, mobile devices, etc…

How Chromebooks work for New LA?

New LA teachers are not the holders of knowledge, providing students with the information they need to know. Rather, teachers are coaches, guiding students to find knowledge, think critically, and solve problems. Chromebooks are tools to facilitate that process. Using Apps like Khan Academy and programs like Hapara, teachers push students to work on skills and problems while helping them navigate the vast world of information online.

Teachers integrate rich content into lessons, and encourage students to create and share their own content with classmates. Our information technology goals include Internet proficiency, use of programs such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, learning code, and learning about online safety and digital citizenship.

Framework for 21st Century Learning

New LA aims to prepare students for success as leaners in the 21st Century. Access to technology is key to this focus, as many of our students do not have adequate technological access at home. As a one-to-one Chromebook environment, we will be able to prepare all students at New LA Charter for 21st Century success.

21st Century Themes
Greater technological access will allow our students to delve into 21st Century Themes. With the level of access that a one-to-one Chromebook environment provides, our students have the online tools to not only research topics, but to connect and transfer learning between academic disciplines. This level of access also provides for greater collaboration with teachers and peers.

21st Century Skills
In a one-to-one Chromebook environment, we further push our students to think creatively, work creatively with others, implement innovations, think critically, problem solve and collaborate. Access to technology allows us to enhance the academic curriculum through various applications and programs. Students collaborate with teachers and peers through Google Apps for Education, Hapara, and other applications to create, improve and revise work. In a one-to-one Chromebook environment, we have the ability to expose our students to the demands of 21st Century life by providing access, teaching them to evaluate and manage information, and facilitating the creation of media products.

Assessment of 21st Century Skills
Students at New LA keep a digital portfolio of work from grades 6-8. Students collaborate with advisors and parents to review work from their portfolio and set goals during bi-annual student led conferences. At the end of the eighth grade, the portfolio is used to prepare for the Culminating Exhibition. During these presentations, the portfolio is used as a communication tool to demonstrate how the student has embodied the mission of our program, and why he or she is ready to move on to high school.

What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are computers that run the Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS). What makes these computers unique is that they run in a pure web environment. Chromebooks boot in under eight seconds and have many built-in security features. Chrome also has a great developer ecosystem with developers creating thousands of web apps that work 100% offline, from calculators to Gmail to Google Docs. Many educational games are available for free and cover all the major subjects like math, biology, English grammar, typing, and more.