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Arts Program

New Los Angeles Charter School provides a dynamic and integrated arts experience for every child during their years at New LA.
6th Grade – Visual Arts
Through a variety of mediums – paint, collage, clay, papier mache – children are given the opportunity to express themselves in new and creative ways in an ever more visual world. The work the children create will be put on display at a special culmination event marking the end of the school year and displayed throughout the school.
7th Grade – Performing Arts
Basic acting techniques including theatre games, mime, improvisation, movement, story telling – designed to build self confidence; physical, vocal, and emotional communication skills; discipline, respect, and courage.  One master teacher and four class mentors participate in the development and presentation of a “Harold” – a group improvisation featuring the games and techniques the children have learned in class.
8th Grade – Photography and Videography
Photography and video production allow students to explore a deeper journey into story telling. art-making, and character development.