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Arts Program


New LA Middle School believes strongly that the Arts are an integral part of an educational experience. We are dedicated to providing a rigorous visual art education for all of our students. Visual art is taught explicitly through a curriculum that is crafted through standards, research, and best practices.  Students will explore, experiment, and experience a wide variety of materials and processes that will fine tune their critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills. The curriculum puts a focus on local and contemporary artists and art movements. Students at all grade levels will be exposed to unique mediums such as digital art, painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, and assemblage.  Visual art learning opportunities happen with the teacher, guest speakers, and field trips. Students will gain perspective while studying and responding to works of art that will challenge their thinking and result in growth that will help them in and out of art class.


While the focus of the visual art program is on the process of making art rather than the product, we still like to showcase the amazing works that our students create!  Check out their work at Artsonia.