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Family Involvement

Volunteerism is a basic component and necessary part of the New LA vision. The school itself was created by the dedicated volunteer efforts of parents and community members. New LA strives to create an environment that not only fosters volunteer efforts on behalf of the school, but also helps to foster the spirit of volunteerism in our students by promoting community engagement projects.

We believe that students can reach their full potential when there is a high level of involvement by families. We encourage involvement in a partnership between home and school built on mutual respect. At New LA, we believe that parents and guardians want their child to be passionate about learning, engaged in the community, and have respect for themselves and others. Parents and guardians should have high expectations of the school and of their children. In turn, the school has high expectations that parents will contribute to the team-effort needed to fulfill the school’s mission. Excellence cannot be accomplished nor maintained without the active respectful participation of the families. Parents are encouraged and expected to participate as a support team and are expected to participate in self-improvement programs and events that can enhance their children’s home learning environment.

New LA Booster (NewLAB)

NewLA Booster (NewLAB) is an action-oriented parent organization benefitting the students and staff of New LA by fundraising, organizing innovative educational programs, fostering school spirit, and supporting parent and community engagement. Membership in NewLAB is free. NewLAB board elections take place in September each year. The group organizes community events and partners with teachers and administration to help support the mission of the school.

Family Diversity

At New LA, we believe that diversity among parents is a strength that improves the educational culture for all. Parents have different philosophies and approaches to their involvement in their children’s education. Likewise, parents may contribute in different ways to the collective responsibility of running a charter school and making the program a success. Recognizing that each parent, like each child, is unique and infinitely valuable and deserving the utmost respect, New LA asks parents to contribute to the school’s success by volunteering their skills, time, and resources to the extent that they are able.

Behavior Expectations of Parents/Guardians/Family Members

At New LA, we believe that a collaborative partnership means that the administration, staff, and teachers are responsive to the concerns of parents. In turn, parents have a responsibility to respect the professional experience and expertise of the educators. Parents and guardians are expected to treat each member of the New LA community (students, other parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, staff) with the greatest respect at all times, even in disagreement.

Family Contract

All families will be asked to sign a Family Contract at the start of the school year. Families will accumulate points for meeting the following community expectations:
  • Ensure that student(s) is supplied with materials;
  • Ensure that student(s) completes homework and projects on time;
  • Respond to teacher contacts;
  • Complete at least 10 hours of parent service;
  • Attend two student-led conferences;
  • Attend Back to School Night;
  • Attend two parent coffees or education workshops;
  • Attend one community event;
  • Arrive to school on time daily;
  • Comply with the school dress standards;
  • Comply the student code of conduct;
  • Respond positively to school recommendations.
Please note: Charter schools are prohibited from requiring a parent or guardian to perform volunteer service as a condition of his/her child’s admission, continued enrollment, and/or participation in the school’s educational activities, or otherwise discriminating against a student because his/her parent cannot, has not, or will not provide voluntary service to the school. While parent involvement is a critical key to student success, no student would ever be punished or lose their place at a school based on a parent’s volunteer hours.