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New LA students participate in a structured Advisory Program in order to develop a deep sense of self-confidence, the strength and courage to succeed at life’s challenges, the skills necessary to confidently advance in their academic pursuits, and a sense of civic duty and awareness of the world around them. The role of advisory group is to help students succeed academically, thrive in and out of school, plan for the future, and develop their own unique voice and leadership skills.

Advisory time focuses on four main units during the year: Identity, Community Building and School Culture, Leadership, and Learning about our Community.


Community Building and Peer Support

At the beginning of the year when students are just meeting for the first time, advisors will use community building activities to break down walls and form bonds. Advisory will be the place where students are introduced to the norms and values of the school. As students become comfortable in school, advisory will be a place to share ideas, build trust, and solve problems. For example, advisors and advisory groups will wrestle with current events and pressing issues in ourselves and others.

Academic Support and Time-Management

Advisory is sometimes be a time when students can work in a quiet supportive environment. They can get help from their advisor or peers. Advisors have one-on-one conferences with students to check in on a consistent basis about classes, grades, and other topics.

Personal Reflection and Goal-Setting

Advisory groups will spend time discussing large scale goals as a community, as well as individual goals. Students will engage in a process of personal reflection individually with their advisor, and with the group when appropriate. The reflecting will serve the purpose of learning from mistakes and setting goals for the future. Students and advisors will reflect on progress that relates to the mission of the school. For example, advisors will explore how well students are handling the academic rigor, if students are finding the schoolwork relevant, what their relationships are like, and the level of respect each student gives to self and others.