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Student-Led Conferences


When our students leave New LA as 8th graders, it is our hope that they can do more than just talk about the mission of our program.  We want the concepts of Passion for Learning, Engagement in the Community, and Respect for Self and Others to become habits of mind and heart for our students. Reflecting on our school’s mission is an important step in helping our students model our mission. Thus, at New LA we schedule two Student-Led Conferences per year for every student.

A Student-Led Conference is a meeting led by the student, where he or she reflects on their Progress by sharing examples from their work.  They discuss their “strengths and stretches” and share their goals for the upcoming trimester. The Advisor’s role in the meeting is to facilitate, but the student leads the meeting.

Student-Led Conferences are different from parent/teacher conferences; however, if at any time during the school year any parent feels that they need to meet with a particular teacher regarding their son or daughter’s progress, teachers and admin are always available to meet.