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Data-Driven Instruction


New LA aims to meet the needs of all students, whether high achievers or those below grade level. It all starts with making sure each teacher knows exactly where each student stands, and therefore, having the ability to teach students in more personal and connected ways. Our goal is to have 100% of our students at or above proficiency in all subjects. Therefore, we work hard to lift students up who come into the school below grade level, and to enrich the academic experience for those students who enter New LA proficient or advanced.

Benchmark Assessments

New LA uses a school-wide system of benchmarking, data analysis, and planning to best meet the needs of all students.

Students take four formal benchmark tests during the school year. Based on the initial practice assessment, each teacher prepares a pacing plan, indicating which standards will have been covered by each of the benchmark dates. The pacing plans are then used to prepare comprehensive benchmark tests for each grade level. Benchmark testing is administered school-wide and on the same day.

After testing, reports are sent home to families in addition to regular progress reports. Students track their own progress in Advisory groups, and are responsible for understanding their individual reports. Teachers use the data to execute individual learning plans for each student.

Individual Learning Plans: Intervention

An intervention block is integrated into the regular daily schedule. Each student is scheduled into one period per day. The sections are divided by ability. Students who are not meeting proficiency receive daily small-group intervention taught by core academic teachers and resource specialists. The goals of daily intervention for this group are to build academic skills; encourage academic gains; empower students with confidence and self-worth; proficiency by graduation.

Intensive instruction in small groups of no more than ten students occurs daily. Resource specialists in partnership with classroom teachers use individualized learning plans to address specific student deficiencies through a variety of teaching methods including but not limited to pre-teaching, response to intervention strategies, computer-based programs, and intervention work based on benchmark data.

Individual Learning Plans: Enrichment

Many students enter New LA with very strong academic backgrounds.  These students need to be challenged and pushed.  Students achieving at proficient & advanced receive daily enrichment in the form of deeper critical thinking exploration of the standards. The goals of this group are to deepen the learning experience, opportunity for academic advancement and exploration of passions.