New Los Angeles Middle School

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A great year at New LA thanks to you!

We are proud to report that New Los Angeles Charter School (New LA) is in its sixth year and has never been better! Thanks to generous supporters like you, we've accomplished a lot in the past year. Last year's December campaign helped New LA raise over $50,000 at the end of 2012. In addition to earning a 5-year charter renewal and graduating 95 students who are off to great high schools, some highlights of the past year include:
  • Academic gains in all areas of student performance due to our Intervention Program;
  • College mentoring for students thanks to the Fulfillment Fund;
  • Laptops with support from the John W. Carson Foundation at a ratio of 1 for every 2 students.
New LA is a lifeline to a high-quality education and a better future for thousands of children who do not have access to an excellent, small, and nearby local public school and can't possibly afford private school.

We'd like you to meet Raquel, a member of the New LA class of 2011 and now a junior at Marlborough School. Raquel is a first generation American, born to a Peruvian mother and Guatemalan father. Neither parent went to college. Because of the opportunities she had at New LA, Raquel was able to earn a scholarship to Marlborough, and feels empowered as a student leader. She's taking AP and honors courses and studies Chinese. She aspires to attend an Ivy League college, travel abroad, and pursue a career in the sciences.

By continuing to support New LA, you'll know that thousands of children like Raquel will receive an education provided by dedicated, compassionate teachers. Children will learn and, in turn, lives will be radically better for generations to come. Your gift is extremely important because it provides resources that make an immediate impact. Please make a tax-deductible donation online by clicking here.

Please consider making as generous a gift as you can. Your gift will make a world of difference. We promise you. Thank you so much for your support.